sucess n failure


It is better to play to win than to lose; it is better to wear out than to rust out. It is better to aim for excellence and not get lost in success. When one puts oneself on the track of excellence, it brings out inherent talents to light. It is said the one who has never angered anyone is a failure in life. Similarly, a person who has never lost has never found the joy of winning. No doubt there is a joy in winning and pain in losing and if one does not accept both then it is like expecting the river to have one bank. Winning involves four important dimensions: Self-confidence, mental toughness, winning-oriented thinking and the ability to innovate. Self confidence stands on three important pillars: feeling good, taking responsibility and developing skills. One has to learn the art of feeling good even in moments of pressure.

The quality of life is the quality of one’s consistent emotions.One has to master the art of keeping emotions in a state of well-being; search for such a state of consciousness.During moments of pressure, the mind tends to validate itself unconsciously on incidents where one is under pressure. In cricket, when wickets are falling, new players are under great pressure. Past failures will influence present situations. So we are not living in the present, but we are living in our past. In my interactions with cricket players, I tell them that when they are under pressure, they should consciously recreate their future and not their past. How can one do that?

success n failure

That is the responsibility and discipline one should have. Create your future from the commitment to win and with the wisdom gained out of your past failure. Recollect in your mind incidents, for example, in cricket when a particular player was under tremendous pressure and in the face of failure, how he bounced back.You should have these references ready and alive in you even before the match. You have to train your body to be in the peak state, your emotions to be in peak state and your spirit also to be in a peak state. In such a peak state, a different quality of energy emerges and influences one’s actions. Mind has to be tough for doing so.One has to teach the mind not to be disturbed. Once when you value it, action emerges from such an action. Your actions are an extension of your values.At the end, one also has to understand that failures are fertilisers to success. In fact, failures are postponed success.

Don’t fear failure but learn from failure. By worrying and fearing,you miss learning. But observe and be unaffected by failure.With such a self-esteem, one’s winning and losing will only enhance one’s talent and value. Cultivate interest in innovation for that is what will encourage and inspire you. Innovation will happen through focus, practice, and inspiration. Put in consistent best efforts consciously. Success and failure are two sides of the same coin; irrespective of the best effort one puts in,you will have to face both success and failure at different times.


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