intellectual sunday


“I want to see my stocks fly high.. 3x 4x 5x from whatever the price i bought..
I love that feeling.”

“Investing in stock market should be soothing relaxation experience..
I mean you would want to sleep peacefully at night.. right??

–  Arun Mukherjee

These are the quotes of young passionate guy age 27 whose name is Arun Mukherjee coming from a small village Hooghly in Kolkata. People call him Arun Guru derived from his famous blog The Share Bazaar team, spearheaded by Arun Mukherjee himself flanked by his friends Abhijit Chokshi and Soumya are doing a commendable job of creating investor awareness throughout various cities in India. I have been missing their previous seminars due to some personal reasons which made me determined to attend the future full day workshop if they ever decided to meet in Mumbai.

That opportunity arrived yesterday on 9th Oct, 2016 as I finally made it to the 4th edition of the Mumbai Workshop which was held at Rasoi Banquet in Goregaon West, Mumbai that was fully organised by Share Bazaar team with each scheduled informative session for the people who are keen on value investing. For people who don’t know or haven’t come across the term “Value Investing”, I would say Value Investing is the art of selecting a stock which unlocks the value of a business offered, giving the potential growth of the money invested in it. This is one of the few reasons why I enjoy listening to Arun’s thoughts when he speaks on certain business or stocks.

intellectual sunday

Few years back around 2013, Value Investing was introduced to me by my uncle Mr. Pradeep Shriyan. He knew that Im self employed in handling few portfolio investments and wanted to help me further in it. He loves reading about Indian companies and going deep within its business where he came across Arun’s blog. He introduced it to me and asked me to just read his articles on certain business. Thats when i was bitten my Value Investing bug to explore my new found interest of unlocking the value potential of certain businesses unlike before where it was just assessing the Balance sheets and reading about Chairman speech in annual reports.

“Think Out of the box! Everything is there right in front of your eyes!
All you have to do is See and Act upon your common sense!”

–  Arun Mukherjee

When you see Arun actually speaking his thoughts, his passion for stock market is equal to my passion for Manchester United. Hell yeah if i want to invest my money in ManUtd, i don’t need any reference of any analyst or researcher of how to do it, what will be outcome etc etc because probably my knowledge in it is more than just football game with how its business is being operated so that the club may grow in stature. That’s exactly the same excitement being shared by Arun and Share Bazaar team for Value Investing in stock market, going in depth of the businesses of Indian Companies with attending AGMs, being in touch with management, and other related requiring activities.

The full day Mumbai workshop being served with breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks, consisted of Arun’s knowledge on Value Stock Picking assisted with Soumya’s Technical Chart study combined of some trading tools and with Abhijit Chokshi’s psychology of Investors. I enjoyed every session of each members with gaining some useful insights which will be applicable to me in my daily stock study routine. It was important for me to come to this session as i wanted some more exposure to listen Share Bazaar team’s thoughts on stock market. Sitting at home and reading is one thing and going to one of workshops where you interact and know people’s variety thoughts on how they approach the market also indicates that how the business should progress from there on.

Utmost thanks to Abhijit Chokshi for having proper co-ordination with me, I am eager and looking forward in attending more similar seminars of such types and wish Share Bazaar Team all the success in the future workshops in helping people getting aware of the potential of stock markets in their life ahead to achieve some financial freedom.

And to Arun, the way your passion on stock market is, Im just thrilled to listen you voice out your thoughts.. it makes me listen and understand more and more!

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