No Through Fare


I was about to lie down in my bed when little Sarthak ( Saaru) burst in my room; calling me loudly ‘Bua’! Demanding my full attention with intriguing eyes and full trust; he climbed up in my lap and put his arms around my neck, he kissed my cheek and whispered lightly in my ear, ‘Bua would you help me?’

‘Of course I would baby, tell me what is it that you want?’ I said smiling brightly and returning the loving kiss on his soft cheek, already anticipating the things he always wanted; a bottle, or a nice new stationary which his school mate had recently got or a toy car. My brain was quickly calculating the expenditure that was coming across my way putting heavy burden on my heart.

He pouted his pink lips and with pleading eyes he said in a genuine voice, ‘Bua, would you please teach how to make a girl’s pony tail?’

That came as a heavy blow and my jaw dropped in utter amazement. This unusual request gagged and bounded me. I couldn’t hide my expressions of shock and bafflement. I demanded from him immediately, ‘Saaru, why do you want to learn to make a GIRL’S pony tail? Why do you need to learn it? After all you are a boy and you do not have a pony tail.’

No Through FareHe confided in low voice, Bua! You know, Riddhi; she had her ponytail came out of its place while we were playing hide and seek at school. All kids started laughing at the funny picture she made. She quietly came to me and said, Sarthak can you make my pony tail? But couldn’t. So I want to learn it.

Later while lying that night in my bed my thoughts wandered to children’s innocent world. Their World is devoid of any kind of conditioning, profit making, selfish intentions or abhorrence towards others fellow beings. It has no place for selfish musings and do not have any dearth of any human emotion. The pure stream of compassion, love and acceptance flows through this world unbound and unhindered of ego and false conception of bodily planes.

However we adults have a put a placard across the gateway of our hearts with a clear and cruel message of “NO THROUGH FARE”. How I wished that night the “Love could enter this hardened heart laughingly from anywhere”!


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