While walking hand in hand, with him through the woods of Tirunalli Century, he suddenly whispered softly in my ear, ‘Where are you?’ The question baffled me and threw me off guard. I stammered and flushed slightly; coming back from my thoughtful world; I looked quickly at him and lied with artificial smile, where would I be? Here only of course.’ His eyes appeared to be laughing at my lame lie but he said nothing and just pointed out to a bird perched upon a tree in front of us. The rainbow colors of its wings had captivating beauty. I breathed deeply absorbing the perfectness of the moment with in me.

The rustling leaves of tall trees, the fragrance of wild blossoms, jumping squirrels, fluttering butterflies, the silence that hung in air around us wrapped us in warm loving embrace of consolation. Finding a big log of wood we sat admiring the beauty around us. Where time flew by, I could not apprehend. It was quietude that engulfed me. Nature’s exquisiteness has such a soothing affect on our inner self. All beings here had natural tendency to exist in harmony. However the human greed bereft of love and compassion has destroyed the peace that the divine has showered on us. I shivered at the destruction brought to the benevolent nature by indiscriminate human activities.

SatrangiSuddenly the bird with rainbow colored wings landed on my lap with its softly fluttering feathers. I did not move for I did not want it to be disturbed and frightened with my uncanny movements. ‘SATRANGI’ I named it and watched in amazement the serene picture it made. It was blissful in its own existence unruffled by happenings around it. How I wished ‘Satrangi’ could heal my inner and outer world and impart it rainbow colors of affection and kindness towards one and all.

‘SATRANGI’ captured my thoughts that evening as I returned back to the camping site. Sitting beside the flowing stream of clear water, I wished to create a rainbow World without any dearth of natural synchronicity with the tide of our life’s purpose.

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