As a child while making sand castles on the beach one day, I dreamt of becoming someone great, powerful and legendary as there are celebrities and politicians. That same evening my father patted me on my shoulder and asked me what I had I been thinking the whole day.

I told him of my aspiration of being someone very powerful, popular and great. Father quietly listened to me and became serious. He said but what about your own REAL SELF? Have you ever given a thought of searching within you, ‘who you are’? Why try to become someone else? Why not be what you are? Every individual is God’s creation. And God cannot create mistakes. Everyone is gifted with some special talent that constitutes his nature. The effort should be to find yourself within your inner realms.

The world is constantly changing. However the one who has found out who she really is, remains unaffected by the changing world and remains stable within becomes a real heroine. Such a person attracts everyone around her and becomes a source of inspiration, source of strength to others.

You don’t have to become someone else to find your worth instead just become yourself and become worthy of love &appreciation of the World. One becomes powerful when one is authentic and genuine. Speak, act and even dress as you normally would to become the center of focus. Don’t pretend or try to become what you are not, for doing so you will make you lose your true self.

Since then my quest has been to BE JUST ME. And believe it, that it has granted so much strength, so much inner peace to me that I have stopped looking at others or trying to become like them.

Vandana Goel


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