I wonder how many of us desperately wish for something to change. It could be any change; change in daily routine, change in expectation that others have from us or we have from others, change in mood, changes in circumstances that have made you land where you are now, change in place you are in at the moment, or change in time; that has been or you wish to bring forth in near future.

What sets in a real and substantial change? Do things really change with the change in person, place or things? Or change in perspective to see the same unchangeable things, people or situation sets in the real change.

changeChanging your focus from mundane and trivial to something positive and significant that brings happiness to others around you is actually the beginning of the change that your inner self is yearning for. A change that has no purpose other than to bring pleasure to oneself is only temporary and makes you land again in the same stagnant and boring zone from where you started off.

Hope and contentment come when one changes his attitude from negative to positive and when one starts seeing things as well as others in the same light as one sees himself/herself.

Understanding the nature of the world which is always in a state of flux; bringing a extrovert change will never help to change situations or circumstances that are suffocating us right now. However working on inner self that can help to raise our consciousness to a level where we can see and perceive things ‘as they are’; can set in sizeable transformation in inner and outer world simultaneously.

Vandana Goel

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